Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fourth of July Celebration

Hello! I've finally uploaded my pictures to my laptop so here we go :D 

Starting on July 3rd! 
It has been so hot! It's hard to keep matte skin x-x

I painted my nails based on Michelle Phan's 4th of July video. I added ChinaGlaze Techno to the tips through to make it pop a bit more. It was really difficult since I had to take a detailing brush from a different nail polish, but it ended up working great. But me being the greatest person in the world while they were drying I nudged my first finger (which I was trying to hide) and had to redo the next day.

In the evening, Nik, my father, his girlfriend and her family went to the fireworks at the high school. Nik and I tried to meet up with Abi and Eric but we couldn't find them so we just sat down and enjoyed the fireworks. 
So here are the firework pictures that turned out!

The bright circle beneath the firework was the moon, it was so pretty as a backdrop!

 The smoke was so heavy! I'm glad we weren't sitting in that direction

 The next day was the real Fourth of July, which is also my grandmother's birthday. So we were off to her house! 
I attempted to be festive, but since I don't really have red clothing, I had to substitute for pink

Father was also festive!

It was a nice quiet party with not too much drama. Plus our family friend who lives in San Francisco came to visit! 

 In the evening, we heard the loudest things ever. What was it?
The neighbors kiddy-corner behind us apparently went to Wisconsin, and got the BIGGEST FLUFFING FIREWORKS THAT YOU SHOULD REALLY NOT BE LIGHTING SO CLOSE TO TREES AND HOUSES. 
Despite this, my parents and I stood in our driveway to watch, when they'd stop my parents started yelling "MORE! MORE! MORE!" and they got what they wanted..

It was so interesting to be so close to fireworks that large. 
Anyway I hope you had a lovely, fun, and safe Fourth! 

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