Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ulta Haul

The other day I went to Ulta and spent..more than I should have XD
Here is what I got and how I feel about each item ^-^

Ecotools brush set. ~$17
Each brush works fairly well, I just wish it came with a smaller fluffy-brush for blending

Studio Gear #16 foundation brush. ~$25

The most expensive thing I bought, so far its been really nice, I think as long as I keep it clean it'll prove to be worth it

Covergirl #275 Kiss Balser. ~$7
This lipstick is SUPER shimmery, but if paired with the right lipgloss, looks really nice 

Studio Gear Invisible Loose Powder Light. ~$24
If I use a Kabuki brush it's perfect, but the puff it comes with is a bit ridiculous since it's super compacted and just not right for covering liquid foundation. 

Ulta Boxset. ~$20
This is really cool, it's 5 palettes (6 eyeshadows, 2 highlighters, and a blush on each), 6 liners, and 2 lipglosses. It has a lot of every day colors but not really any "fun" ones (like yellow for example). They're really nice, but they break apart kind of easily. But since it was so cheap I think it was totally worth it!

China Glaze #868 Peachy Keen. ~$7
It's like the Apricot color of Crayola! Plus it's been 3 days, no topcoat and no chipping!
It's miraculous!  
China Glaze #686 Magical. ~$7
I haven't tried it yet. 

China Glaze #816 Techno. ~$7. 
This was one of the Hunger Games promo from China Glaze. I haven't tried this one yet either but I think it'll look nice on top of a color.

Well that's everything! I hope you enjoyed this mini-sort-of review/ haul! 

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