Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bowling Night

Last week Nik and I went to Brunswick Zone XL with one of our couple friends Sami & Zach

First we did arcade games, which I didn't do very well, but I did win a ball from a claw game! 
Then it was off to bowling!

Nik singing..something..with a pixie-stick microphone? And Zach bowling

Zach pissing off Sami somehow XD I think we were talking about the waitress' boobs at that time.. 

Zach got some straw-glasses.. very strange.. very blurry picture.. 
It was a good night, but by the end of it I was very tired and cranky!

 On another note, 
My father made chili
I put it on potatoes with crackers and cheese and I thought this picture looked delicious.
Okay that's all

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