Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Couples Bowling Night

Last Saturday, Nik was home for the holiday so we decided to invite a bunch of people out for bowling!

Thankfully, there were only 6 of us because I had a coupon that covered our whole evening for $12 a person (includes bowling, shoe rental, pizza, and bread sticks) 
Nik and I got there a bit early, so we played games in the arcade until everyone arrived. 

And then the shenanigans began. Thank you Zach for photo bombing with your hand 

An Abigail who is a "professional" bowler ;D

Zach and Sami!

Abi and I, then Same and Zach chillin' in the background ;D

Abi and I have smaller feet so we have to wear velcro-ed shoes..

Sami bowling and Eric...doing...God knows what

The group of older bowlers in the lane next to us were so extremely rude! A 50+ woman would practically drape herself across the floor as she flung her ball toward the pins. She then had the audacity to walk over to our current bowler, Zach and tell him to follow "bowling etiquette". And why did she say such a thing? Because they both bowled at the same time. None of her other teammates followed her ridiculous rule, but we laughed it up for the remainder of the evening. 

Just as our time was nearing it's end it became cosmic bowling time! It was kind of cool because they had a fog machine to reflect the red laser lights more. 

Afterwards, Zach and Sami had to leave (it was around 9:30 by that time) so Abi, Eric, Nik, and I went back to the arcade area to finish off our game cards and buy candy as our prizes. 
All in all it was a great time and it was very nice to spend time with friends. Hopefully we can do it again sometime!