Sunday, May 6, 2012

Twins Game

Almost two weeks ago, Nik was given free tickets from his boss to the Twins vs Red Sox game!
They were dugout seats so they were really good seats (pretty expensive too, we noticed)

We decided to take the train down like many others did.

I would hate to be in those super high seats! 

I mean those are REALLY HIGH UP. 

We got a pretzel and soda in the special dugout lounge. I felt like such a VIP..
It definitely wasn't an Auntie Anne's (my weakness at malls) but it was okay~

I wish they actually had stools or something..

I actually took this photo for photo class, Nik got a new watch and that's what it looks like

All the people prepping the field for the game

God I looked awful that day x~x'''''

A marching band from Wisconsin 

A deformed M&M..

The vendor in yellow was so hilarious. He would scream out that it was his last bag of peanuts and then try auctioning it off, after selling it for more than it was originally he'd pull out another and start yelling at other people. It was so funny! 

It was another late night but that was alright it was fun ~ 

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