Saturday, May 5, 2012

Field Trip

I keep saying I'll keep up with this and I don't..
I really don't have any excuse except for the fact that I'm lazy ^-^''''

Well let's get down to business starting with...
The choir field trip!

A couple weeks ago, the Women's choir had a long 17 HOUR field trip.
We started at Armstrong High-school where we sang with each other and ate doughnuts.
Then we were off to Crown College where we worked with their conductor. But we were very early so we went to their coffee shop and chilled for a while

Breanna shared her sour-straw candy with me~

I ended up using this for my Novus senior picture for the magazine

Abi and I

In their bathroom that smells like onions.. It made no sense..

Mr. O and the other conductor

After Crown College we went to Mall of America to hang out for a few hours before going to the dinner theater. 

I decided to go exploring with Breanna and Kalli

We made Rachael try on clothing at DEB, then we all tried on dresses but I didn't take any pictures of that ~ 

Rachael and I ~ 

Maddie and I 

Mikala and her beloved Cinnabon XD

The Cinnabon suite, it's so cute and smelled AMAZING

Abi and her boyfriend, they had no idea we happened to be following them

Abi and I

So, it decided to rain in front of the mall (where we were waiting for the bus) and Abi says, "I'm going  to play in the rain" so she goes out to the little puddle and starts jumping in it.....
At this exact time her almost brand new phone falls out of her pocket and into the puddle..
Thankfully it was still okay

After the mall it was off to Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see the musical Hairspray

I sat with Breanna, Kalli, Mikala, Maddie, and Abi

Taken from Kalli's camera

The menus were really nice

I have a creeping Rachael in the back! Plus I changed into a sweater I bought from Forever21 and new higher waisted shorts which you can't see.. 

I was kind of disappointed that we were in such a nice place and they gave us these to drink out of..

Salad! Not a lot of girls liked it because of the dark lettuce, but I really like it. 

Super chewy bread but it was also good

The amazing steak and mashed potatoes and roasted veggies. It was super good!

Then afterward we got sundaes and I felt slightly jipped..that is a SAD SUNDAE. Plus the whipped cream on each side were unsweetened.. so depressing..

The stage! I found it interesting that the pit was above, it was kind of cool.
The show was very good 

We didn't get home until freaking midnight and then we had to go to school the next day.. Fortunately I  was allowed to go in late, so that was nice. 

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