Monday, May 7, 2012

Prom 2012

Last week was prom night at the International Market Square.
It was alright I suppose but I guess I really just wasn't in that partying mood..
Plus Nik had been really sick all day and we weren't sure if we could even make it so it was all a very frustrating ordeal. Plus since I was still not used to my short hair it just wasn't having it.

Well there was the at home photo

There's Nik in the car

His parents took us to a park in Champlin to take pictures (which was the idea of so many others) 
It was so freaking cold and windy my eyes were watering so bad..

Nails and corsage, and my great-grandmother's ring


We decided to save money and eat at the IMS
Neither of us were very hungry in the first place but I tried a bit of everything and it was actually really good! Especially the fresh green beans although they were very peppery 

Nik and Eric

Sitting on the 3rd floor


Abi and Eric

The actual dance, being a grind vest
A bunch of boys were stripping into just their vests and girls were wearing their ties..

Kate and I ~

I suppose it was a pretty good night

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