Friday, June 22, 2012

I am a terrible person, BUT ANYWAY.

Well, it's been almost two whole months since I've posted.. I've just been so lazy.. 
So here is a quick update on what has happened in these almost two months
I received my Liz Lisa bag

For Honors Law & Politics, seniors must create a "Senior Project" which is a community project in which you have to do something that helps others. Myself and my group of 5 others worked with the Anoka County Historical Society to create two children's books for Ramsey Elementary and Lincoln Elementary schools. Then we presented said books to classes in the schools and gave them the books we made. Here was the picture we took at Lincoln to prove we were there. 

 I received a $500 scholarship from the American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Fund which was presented by Norah Wyman. I've known this woman for all of my school career because she worked at my elementary school and since we had the same name (which is uncommon) we became close. So it was a surprise to see her and she looks exactly the same way she did 12 years ago, no joke

I received a certificate saying I was graduating with High Honors, this photo was from the Honors Assembly.

I started my own garden including marigolds, lilies, petunias, a cantaloupe, a green pepper plant, strawberries, and a few other flowers that I honestly don't remember the others 

These are photos from the Senior Breakfast that was held about a week and a half before school let out. We received our yearbooks and pictures and everything

Then I came graduation day (June 5th) and my aunt from Texas came up to visit. So it was really exciting to see her! I may even visit her, my uncle and cousins later on this summer!

Yaay graduation

Then come the graduation parties...

The first one I went to was my friend Laurin's party. Laurin and I have been friends since the 2nd grade, and during that time everyone thought we were twins.. It was nice!

The second party was my friend Sami's that was on the same day as Laurin's. For the majority of the time that Nik and I were there we all played volleyball which was really fun! My arms ached the next day but it was okay! 

The third was my friend Cameron's, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures there.

And lastly, just yesterday I went from the almost black hair..
to Ash Blond! The lighting is really bad on my webcam and I didn't bother actually doing my hair today.. There was supposed to be a lot of pink, but the stuff I bought basically rinsed right out so I'll have to try again later..

So that's it! Two months wrapped up into one post! I'll try once again to stay more up to date now!

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