Friday, March 9, 2012

A small school project and the beginning of Spring Break

Monday in Entrepreneurship we had to create a toy and sell it to the class

Coordinate of the day~ still loving this new bat-wing sleeved sweater♥

Anyway back to the toy!
I ended up pretty much designing and creating the whole thing with help from Nik, our other partner did basically nothing. We also added a fourth person since she had been absent the day before. (This made our product more expensive) 

Here is.........
JuiceBuddy! ♥

I'd like to think it's super adorable...
But I believe we priced it too high and only one person bought it..
Though we were not in last place for profits! (Third to last...) 

Would you buy this little product? For only $3.00 you'd never be lonely or thirsty! 

But anyway, now is the beginning of Spring Break! 
When school resumes, I'll have new classes, I'm kind of nervous >~<
But for now it's time to relax for a bit! Hopefully it gets warmer out so I can go for walks! 

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