Monday, March 19, 2012

Day with an Abigail

Last Tuesday, Abi and I got together to do pictures for our contest entries, which I'll talk about later.

The weather was so great for mid March! It's hit nearly 80 degrees!

Here are pictures we did not submit to the contest (since they ask for single person photos)

Looking super pout-y x-x''
Extreme faces! Definitely winner photos here

Some single pictures ~ 

Super intense Abi!!!!

That's it 

More :O 
I guess that wasn't it.


After we took these pictures at the park (where we were rudely interrupted by younger girls who were mean), we went to Arbor Lakes to shop.
The antique cars are coming out of hiding!

A fountain that doesn't have very much water in it.

Sitting outside~

Yeah, drink the tea!!!

One of the first times I've been in a Hollister.. I did see some nice dresses, but they were around $80..

In Tabot, a very expensive store for older women. Everyone of the employees said hello and it scared us a little.. 

It was a fun day! The rest of the night, we ended up editing our photos and texting our boyfriends, and eating poptarts, like winners. 

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