Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double dates and head-scarves

Last Sunday, 
Abi, her boyfriend Eric, my boyfriend Nik, and I went to Grand Slam and Dairy Queen

I decided to try out a head scarf, which seem to be rather popular
This was before I went to work early in the morning

Later on I changed and took on a rather 20's themed outfit

Dress: F21
Purple tights: Target
Wedgies: Target ($8.98!!!!!)
Scarf: Claires (very versatile accessory!)

Close-up ~ ♥

Before I left I added the necklace Nik bought me for our anniversary, circle lenses, and a sweater~

Nik and I ♥ 

Abi! ♥

We decided to play mini-golf;
we have also decided that we all suck at mini-golf..
Eric looks like he's in a bit of a..situation XD

Yaay balls. 

 ...Off with her head? 
Ahah oh Abi ~ 

We also had fun playing laser tag and various arcade games. 
One of which we just happened to walk by and press the button and tickets came out, we won over 400 free tickets from this one machine XD

It was a super fun night! ♥♥♥

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