Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Pet!

Well, Frederick, my beloved fish must [swim?] aside. 
A few weeks ago, my father and his girlfriend Megan were out and about and went to go pet animals at the Humane Society. While looking at the dogs, he immediately saw one named Midge (or Midget, no one could really figure it out) who looked exactly like the miniature version of our old dog, Roxy, who had passed over a year ago. One of the few times in his life, he spontaneously got this dog and we picked her up the day after next and re-named her Shadow. (Which she has very much so lived up to that name, she follows everyone all the time. If she could go in two different directions to follow people, she definitely would.) 

 She's super shy but energetic when she wants to be
She's half black lab and half Australian cattle dog
Although she's about 40lbs, she has an addiction to climbing on people.
She's very loving and will roll over at the sight of ANYONE! So submissive it's insane!

So yeah, that's Shadow

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