Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day at the Zoo (Conservatory)

Last week Abi, Nik, Nik's family, and I went to the Como Zoo Conservatory to take pictures despite the fact that it was late January XD

 Finished getting ready in the morning ~ 
 Abigail wearing all of my clothes since she wasn't expecting to go out on this Sunday, let alone spend the night the evening before ahaha 
 Both of us in the car on the way there ~ 
Flowers and plants that were in the conservatory! 

 Abi looking into the Wishing Pond (or whatever you call those fountains you throw pennies in)

Oh look, it's a Nik

 Abi poking koi fish in the pond. They weren't skittish at all which was really surprising. The fish let you poke them in the head and they didn't react at all! The sign next to the pond only said don't pick leaves and feed them to the fish, nothing against poking and touching them though. It was just so interesting!

 The friendly fishies!
 Abi [being a giant in 6in heels] making ridiculous faces at Nik
 Nik's twin brother, Brady, looking bored as usual
 Bananas! They're so high up
Nik and I again toward the end of our day trip~ 
We went to a small restaurant that was sort of expensive, but it was good nonetheless and I ended up not taking any pictures there ^-^''' 
It was a good day ~

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