Monday, January 23, 2012

Open Mic Night

Last Thursday, Nik and I went to Avant Garden in downtown Anoka
We met up with some friends, Chelsea, Mariya, Katie and Squee (Lindsey) to see our friend Maxwell perform at Open Mic Night
Nik got a cherry Italian (Or was it French?) Soda
I got a simple hot chocolate ;D
Mariya and Chelsea up to their usual antics of arguing with eachother
The opening act
Maxwell! He was really funny
Nik's name out of paper wrapper from the his straw
Mariya looks so entranced by Maxwell's hand, truth is they were taking pictures of eachother

Nik bought me this turkey sandwich. Usually I don't like turkey in lunch-meat form/ cold but this was SUPER FREAKIN' AMAZING. Just saying. 
Okay that's all 

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