Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Long Awaited for: Christmas post

Finally here I am!!! I'm so late x-x
So I'll get right into it (I'm still missing some photos.. SORRY)

I got a new laptop!!!! So I had to move my information over. My father thought it was funny that I had two laptops, so he brought his and my mother's laptops over and set them up, hence why there's so many laptops.
This is what my old laptop looked like by the end of it's life.. 

This is the new one! My father got it for me ♥ 
It's a HP Pavilion g6 ~So beautiful! 

I love the keys x-x

 Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino  from Nik 
 Out by Natsuo Kirino also from Nik 
 I'm borrowing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from my mother's friend Crystal, it's pretty alright so far ~

Now for Christmas Day ~ 
 Our Christmas tree!
 Stocking ~
 Electric toothbrush from mother ~ 
 Loofah thingy from mother
 Yummy gummy bears from mother
 Body wash ~ from mother
 Charm bracelet from Megan and Julia
 Onesie from Megan and Julia
 A two in one curler from mother, turns out its really awful and doesn't work at all for my hair (mainly because the top temperature is 360F) 

outfit for Christmas day

 The Christmas tree at my aunt and uncle's house
 Christmas dinner
 People at the table
 Yule log
 gloves ~ from my aunt and uncle 
socks~ from my aunt and uncle

 Crossed by Ally Condie, from my grandmother

 New flat iron from aunt
 The nice box version of my childhood favorite game, Clue from my father 
 A new light up mirror from my mother it's Hello Kitty and battery powered so I don't have to worried about   cords ♥ 
 New concealer in shade 2 (Light) from Nik 
Paris Amour body lotion (and Carried Away Perfume) from Nik♥ 

 Sanrio's Cinnamaroll from a lovely Abigail 

 Hello Kitty glasses that can double as sunglasses (100% UVB/UVA/whichever one it is safe) 

Mary Kay: Vanilla berry hand cream from my lovely former English teacher, Ms. Romo. I was her Teacher's Assistant for the first trimester so she got me this as a thank you!

So yeah that's (basically) it, I know I'm missing stuff but I'm sorry for being so late!

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