Sunday, January 8, 2012

Little Projects of December and Early January

Hello ~ 
I've been up to a few projects (which may or may not be apart of my lack of posting)

The weekend of December 17th, Nik, Abi, Mother and I went up to a cabin in Motley for Christmas baking!

 Abi was enjoying the cool breeze on the way there ~ 
 Nik and I in the front seats, wooooo 

 Abi and mother in the back ~

 The three of us in matching onesies, like the winners we are.. 
 Delicious looking dough..

 Chocolate covered pretzels ~ so yummy ~ 
 Three different kinds of biscotti ~ 

 Peanut butter mice ~ So yummy!

 Looking through the window, where you see the horizon of the land, is actually about a 85 degree, 50 foot drop that Nik and I hiked up and down. Felt so beast-like after that!

 The deck ~ 
 Nik and I in the kitchen, woooo ~ 

Project two!

 Mother and I made bakable clay items that we're going to make into refrigerator magnets ~ 
 Look it's an Abi!

Project three!

 I learned about water-marbling for nail designs
This was my favorite one that had turned out :D 

Project four!

I did a mini drawing project for my school's literary magazine 
This will be one of the dividers for the magazine this year

And that's pretty much it ~ 
Okay bye ~ 

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