Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mall of America + Haul♥

Today my family and I went to the Mall of America for back to school shopping ~ 

 look of the day ~ 

 nails my mother did last night at 1 in the morning ~ They look a bit strange in some areas but I'm okay with that~ ♥

For lunch we decided to go to Hooters on the fourth floor of the mall

 We were actually very disappointed with the meal.. the wings were nasty~!!!

 There was a Chinese sword dance demonstration going on that was really neat and pretty x-x

 From where we were parked we could see the Delta planes landing, they were actually way closer than they appeared through my camera x-x''

After shopping we were hungry after our not so good lunch
so we went to Billy's Bar and Grill in Anoka
 I ate way too much x-x

Part 2 ~ Haul ♥
Here's everything I got while we were out today :3 

 A new sort of jumper thing, moreso shorts with suspenders but mega cute from H81 ~ >w<♥♥

 A simple long shirt-dress-blouse from H&M
 A blazer from H81 and an almost pencil skirt from H&M ♥
 close up of skirt ~ 
Super business-y look ~ ♥
 Super flow-y see-through top from Charlotte Russe
 50's style top also from Charlotte Russe ~ 

 Jacket from Target
 Panda sweatshirt from Hot Topic

and nude heels from Target ~ 

I'm very happy with all of my purchases, I really liked all of the stores I bought from ♥
The most expensive of all of these were the shoes at $30 I THINK (don't quote me though I'm so tired that I'm probably misremembering XD)
I almost got in an argument with the Hot Topic cashier because he told me I needed to show him the online coupon but the coupon clearly stated I could show them on their own computers and he just wasn't getting it, what a dummy ~ either way I got the discount ~ mwaha ~

I saw so many cute people 
Sometimes I wish it was like an anime convention where it's not weird to ask for someone's picture XDDD ahaha~

anyway that's all ~ 
See you next time ~ ! ♥

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