Thursday, August 25, 2011

hair / shopping with Abi ♥

So two nights ago I decided to dye my hair..
much like the girl on the left of this photo ~ 
It was the first time I've ever done two tone

 These were the hair dyes I bought, knowing my hair wouldn't achieve that extremely light blond color XD

 Let the dying commence! (that would sound really evil if not for context..)

 And this is how it turned out~

In the afternoon of that day Abi and I went to Good Will to do some shopping ~ 
I actually found some really nice stuff so I was excited ~
 woo go us and mirrors XD ♥

 A top and skirt that were 2/5 of my purchases

once again, mirror winners XD♥♥♥
Look a wild Abi! mwahaha she has been captured ~ 
photo before I left (yaay for out of ordered-ness)
Le gasp! Abi's chest looks flat! O: XDDDDDDD♥
And to end this, the most beautiful picture of them all ~ ♥

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