Tuesday, September 13, 2011

State Fair!

Omigosh it's been so long since I've posted!!!!
I'm sorry! >O<'''''''
I kind of forgot ^-^''''''
Forgive me!!! 

On to the real post about the Minnesota State Fair almost two weeks ago with Speghettio and le madre♥
 Random beginning picture.. starting to look so old x-x'''

For my birthday, my grandmother gave me 4 State Fair tickets!
Abi, mother and myself went and we used the fourth for parking~!
 yaay tickets~
 I had a feeling it'd be really hot so I dressed as lightly as possible!

 Part one of day: Sno-cone! or..bowl? Much more convenient for me since it melts fast x-x'''

 Oh yeah~~ :D
 Double U des.
 Deciding to challenge Abi's fear of heights ~ ♥
 it goes up really high and you could easily fall out x-x'' but still pretty safe as long as you're just sitting like you should!
 Poor Abigail ~ still so cute even though she was scared ^-^'''v
 Brownie Time! It honestly wasn't the best.. slightly disappointed

Then Abi and I decided to go on this revolving tower ~ You can't even tell it's spinning though since it's so slow but it goes super high up!

 Pictures from above ~ ♥

 Then we went to the Birthing Barn to see baby animals ~
 bunnies ~ ! ♥
 baby lamb so cute x-x he wasn't very soft though XD
 mother attempting to steal a piglet..
 Probably the weirdest faces on record of that night..
 small garden~
 Standing in the light of the Frozen Yogurt stand because it had nice lighting ;D 

 Plus we got frozen yogurt from the cute Asians that were working there!

Then we decided to go into a fun house and go through all the mirrors

Definitely looking sexy in those mirrors ;D ahahah ~ 

So there was our account of the evening ~ It was super fun but by the end of it I was getting tired and grumpy from not eating a whole lot x-x'''' Oh well ~

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