Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Weekend ♥


 Here's the picture of Abi, Eki and I ~ 
She's so cute!!!!♥

and here's Emily, Abi and I ~ 
And thats all ~

Hi again! 
This past Friday was my birthday and I kind of made a whole weekend out of it with a party on Saturday and going to the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Zoo

I feel like Hyuna or something XD
Before my birthday I went to get my nails done, I brought in a bubzbeauty picture as an example
 This is how they came out!
I actually wasn't very pleased with it, 
I had an appointment and still had to wait 20 minutes, I asked for very rounded nails and she gave me square nails, and instead of pandas they look like little ghosties or something..
Maybe it was just the Hawaii Nails in Anoka, but I will not be going back there! 

Next part: Saturday! 
Abi came over early to decorate the cupcakes and Nik came over early because he picked up the dry ice ^-^

 bawh they're so cute :D

 outfit of the day sort of ~ 

 friends in my dining room XD

 Dry ice punch ~ so yummy and cooolld ~ ♥

 All of us eating around the table! ♥

pinata ~~ ! ♥♥ It was a Hello Kitty one from Party City ^-^
 The lovely decorated cupcakes mostly by Abi ^-^
 icing mustaches, cause we're winners.. XD

Part three: Sunday! ♥
We went out to Como Park for the Lantern Lighting Festival
 Animals on the way to the conservatory!

 Nik and I shared shaved ice with mochi and sweet bean paste ♥

 I bought a panda bento from the Tomadachi booth~ ! so cute ♥

 Abi's mango bubble tea, it was really yummy! Wishing the tapioca starch bubbles were flavored more though..
 yakisoba bun! it was really yummy! ♥♥♥

 Just possibly my new favorite beverage.. ♥♥♥♥♥

 Steamed bun a.k.a. pork dumpling that Nik had, super yummy! ♥

 melon bun with anko (red bean paste) in it
 found our spots for the lighting ceremony! ♥

 Kristy and Eric ^-^
 bwah so pretty!!♥

 I met up with Casey and her and I went to the Japanese garden where it was much darker but soso neat..♥

in other news to come with pictures on top: 
I met one of my favorite bloggers Eki ♥♥♥♥
I was so so so so so so happy!!!!!!!
She was just walking around with her friends like everyone else and I turned to Nik and said "I think I just saw Eki!!!" and he made me go back to see if it was her, which it was. Naturally, later during the ceremony part I had to track her down again to bring Abi to her so she could meet her too which is went we took pictures with her (on Abi's camera) so I hope to have those soon to post ♥

Part 4: Gifts ♥

 Abi gave me this portable speaker which is awesome!♥

 Crystal gave me a beta fish, which I named Frederick♥ He's so precious but shy ♥

 Flowers from Megan and Cameron
 A ring from Cindy
 Pocky and Yanyan from Nik and Dani ~ 

 A scarf and gloves also from Cindy

 A pearl tie from Dani, totally love ♥
 a turquoise rock necklace made by Abi ^-^
 Bracelets from Magen
 one of two tank tops from Jade and Destiny (the other from Nik's parents)
 Harajuku earbuds from Nik♥
 Hello Kitty blanket also from Nik
 mirror from mother ~
 pants with the set from Jade and Destiny 

 socks from Nik
And an 8-bit bow also from Nik ~ 

I must thank everyone for everything this weekend its been amazing!
BWAH THIS WAS SO LONG ~ hope it makes up for my lack of posting x-x'''

ps thanks to Abi for the new blog header its mega cute ♥

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