Friday, July 15, 2011

Sleepovers with Abi!♥

A few weeks ago Abi and I had two sleepovers within a week so here are all the pictures from those days :D ♥

us being lazy people in bed XD

In the evening hours, we decided to do aspirin and oatmeal masks and then pore strips

aspirin masks (with honey) are sticky so we stuck our faces together like winners.. XD

mooosh! ♥

sexy pore strip people XD ♥

Yaay for fresh skin! ♥

Annnnd now we have shorts on our heads...

next day after a later night of watching just possibly the worst movie ever called The Clique
It was so ridiculous that it was funny XD
Abi is always so pretty >w<

we melted popsicles so they'd be easier to eat and they were yummy ^-^

Then we decided to kick it old school and play Nintendo XD

Then a couple days later Abi came over for a second sleepover !
We went to the St Stephens Festival and a man gave us his left over tickets (they don't do refunds) so we had $3 worth of tickets, wooooo XD

So we spent them on mini-donuts XD

Abi and I chillin around the food tents :D

We didn't stay for very long because it was actually really boring..
But we still had a very good time and the next day we went to a graduation party together!
We also played manymanymanymany rounds of Tekken and I lost manymanymany times
That woman is a beast.. XDDD ♥♥♥
We have so much fun yelling at televisions while playing video games XD

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