Thursday, July 14, 2011

FINALLY! First post of many: BWW

It's finally time for a massive update!
After a very long wait I received my power cord for my laptop! First, I ordered the wrong one and the company won't reply to me for how I can return it =_= so I ordered another one from and I got it last night! YAAAAY!

Anyway onto the real post
A couple weeks ago Nik and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings (it was the first time for me)

There was so much chicken.. XDD

And the ketchup bottles had little sayings on them! I thought they were so funny XD♥

That's cute Nik..

He had the Cherry Lemonade and chicken tenders w/ sauce

I had the mango lemonade and also chicken tenders but no sauce XD
It was a good experience!♥

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