Monday, July 18, 2011


A couple weeks ago, Abi and I went to the Anoka Riverfest ^-^

We were both really hot that day and all the walking around made us a bit sweaty and gross x-x or at least it did for me, not really her though ^-^'

There were a bunch of booths with a variety of things

We walked around so much x-x
And most of the booths weren't really "teen" friendly it was either for really little kids (which we actually bought stuff from..) and older people.. Kind of depressing..

We went to the band tent thing to listen to a duo sing oldies
They weren't that bad actually

We had a ton of kettle corn x-x

Then we decided that we wanted to go on the boat rides that are there every year!
But sadly we were too late..

So we ended up sitting on the dock and listen to a bunch of music ^-^v

But not long after we had stuck our feet in the water, a pontoon came up to dock and half-intoxicated people asked us to watch their boat. They said they'd even pay! We said sure and asked how long they'd be gone and the woman said "Well, when you leave, you leave"
So we were a bit awkward-ed out XD but we ended up sitting there for a good two hours just relaxing and it was really nice!

We got a whole $17 from the experience XD

There's the boat we were watching
We ended up stealing a water from the cooler, but we left a dollar with a note in exchange ^-^v'''

Just chillin on the dock :D

Abi trying to be in the picture even though she's already there XD

It was so humid I look like a fluffin' lion x-x
Oh yeah, you drink that soda, Abi.. know you laughed too..

oh look a flower!

We spent part of our $17 on French sodas from Truffles&Tortes XD
Mine was really good, but Abi's didn't turn out (they never add enough syrup D:<)
So I switched with her and dumped a ton of sugar in it

Here are the three things I bought from the little girl booth XD They were just so cute x-x
I bought from them last year too! (b&w bows)

So yeah that was the Riverfest ^-^
Overall, pretty boring actually but it was fun with Abi at least!

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