Monday, July 18, 2011

Extensions of all Sorts♥

A couple weeks ago I decided to try doing feather extensions ~

I put together a couple
The clasps for them were the only expensive part but they're reusable so I guess that's good?

They were kinda hard to get in and I didn't really get enough hair in the clasp the first time (hardest thing EVER) so it kept sliding down TT-TT''''''

but they still looked good I think ~ ^-^ (more pictures in next post)

In other extension news ~

I was planning on using my extensions the next day and I wanted them curly
But I knew I wouldn't have the time to curl them
And when I just use curling tongs the next morning they aren't bouncy or anything, blegh!
Plus I didn't have any curler-roll-thingies
I ended up taking a toilet paper roll (without toilet paper of course) and cutting it into rollers and wrapping the extensions around it (the top half of the extensions were done like this)
The bottom half was then just wrapped in strips of fabric for tighter curls on the bottom

Results will be in next post

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