Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Sorry!

It's been so long since I've updated!
Up until now its just been pure laziness.. ^-^'''

But now my laptop's power cord broke..[AGAIN]
So I have to wait until it gets shipped here from whereever Sears gets these things =.='''
For now I'm borrowing my mother's laptop ^-^'''

So I'll just write a little bit since I'm bored ~ yaay for mini-updates!

I've had two sleepovers with Abi in the past week that were really fun and I do have pictures from those nights! They include multiple face masks and a Summer Festival ~!

My waterheater broke and my basement completely flooded so I've been ripping up carpet and tile with the help of Nik, Stephen and my mother. We've decided to go and re-paint and re carpet the whole area which will be a big project but I'm looking forward to the out come!

I started my wrapper collage on one of my smaller walls of my room and I thought I would have enough, but it turns out its only about half-way covered ^-^'''''' oops..

I started learning guitar today, it was tough business x-x'''
I think the reason for it was because I started watching K-ON, it's so cute x-x

Speaking of anime, I watched This Ugly yet Beautiful World and Fooly Cooly recently and they're both WEIRD. That's all I think I can really say..

I also started choreographing 2NE1's new song I AM THE BEST. it's really fun :D but I'm making it really tough [cause that's how I roll..] Also some other things, like, I'd like to start
F(x)'s new HOT SUMMER song, but I haven't even downloaded it yet so I havent really thought about it, ahaha ~

annnnd.. I should have new videos up and new pictures as soon as I get that charger! Hopefully the USPS works to my favor! ^-^

Hnnng.. Well I guess that's everything at the moment..
So, I hope to see you soon! Maybe I do a questionaire or something in the mean time XD


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee You're finally watching K-On! ? :D Apparently I'm going to watch Elfen Lied with Cory haha ^o^

  2. I don't see you liking Elfen Lied very much.. The only episode I watched of it showed kids brutally murdering a puppy and naked alien girls.. then again that was like 5 years ago when I saw it so maybe it'd be different now ^-^'''