Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grandmothers B-Day Party ~ ♥

A couple weeks ago (I know I've been starting out every post like that, I'M SORRY!) it was my grandmothers birthday!
So my parents made a lovely fried chicken dinner and cake and we went over there!

I had feather extensions in and I decided to try having two different colored lenses in XD

I was on card duty, so I colored it and decided to make an "official" envelope XDD

In the car ~

Sitting around the table, mother and I were matching!

other side of the table XD

cake!!!! with raspberry mousse and sugared daisies

My mother in the kitchen!

hot dog XDD

A cellphone charm someone found outside that was on my phone last year..
it stayed in the same place since then.. my goodness XDDDD

It was a good day definitely

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