Wednesday, June 1, 2011

weird update ♥

This is a mini-update kinda..
it's some clothing coordinates and just some other little things ~
mainly just pictures though ~! ♥

I bought this outfit at the Mall of America when I was at the gyaru event~
I still really like it x-x


other picture in the bathroom ~

Random picture of an exhausted momoko ~

All of my work uniforms
I work at Holiday Inn in Otsego in the kitchen on weekends, and soon I'll probably start working in the pool area food area (the Pub)

hair style, its just twists (French twists? like a braid?)
I got it from

Then over the weekend, when it was super nice out

I got out the flyswatter..

manymany boxelder bugs met their fate on my garage and house walls..

I lost my sunglasses so I stole my dad's.. ^-^v''''

And after I took out the twists, I had awesome crimped-like hair :D ♥

That's that :D
Very boring I know

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