Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gal Event at MoA

Yesterday I went to the Bulaklak Tribe meet-up that Emily and Justin were hosting ~
I decided to bring my lovely mother with me and it was a very important day for me :D ♥

I was doing my mother's hair and makeup
and she kept looking in the mirror when I would be like "LOOK AT ME!"
So I stuck the mirror in my tank top and said "THERE, LOOK AT ME NOW SO I DON'T BURN YOU OR STAB YOU IN THE EYE BY ACCIDENT"

at Claires ~

Emily in her business attire because she had a job interview [she totally got the job too]

Goodness I was sooooo hungry

Rachel, Emily [behind Rachel] and Justin


camwhorin' :D

All of us taking pictures together in the mall ~

Transportation Provided by ^^^^^^^^
bahahaha ~~~

Bubble tea!
I had a Thai sweet tea with green apple gummies ~

mother attempting to eat the shrimp dude..

Waving to the people on the log chute ride
Oh and Alina [looked her up on facebook, that's how she spells it. (went through like 123590475 spellings of Alina XD)]

And that was all ~
It was supersupersuper fun ~
I hope it happens sometime again where I can go :D ♥♥♥

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