Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(>^o^)w(^o^<) ダブルユーです pic heavy.♥

Sunday afternoon, Abi came over for a sleepover and we went on many adventures
including, parks, ponds and rivers, also hot wheels and crash bandicoot and food. XD

Onto the massive amount of pictures!

on a balance beam at the park ~

Double U (W from H!P featuring Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai)

Its an Abi :D

Another Abi! on a seal?

On a turtle.. I think..

ooohhh you.. ♥ XDDDD

on the slide ~ !

Pushing an Abi on the swings XD

Going down the slide that was way too small for us..

I've been eaten x-x

squirrel Abi

On the jungle gym ~

walking to the pond ~

baby duckies !!

almost falling in because the ground around the pond is unstable XDD

makin' faces at meee..

dandilion ~

creepin' on people's flowers ~

sitting by the pond in a different area

something growing on/in the tree

stealing Abi's awesome camera ~

weird lookin' tree ~

what happens when Abi and I trade cameras XD

creeping on guys who stop to talk on the phone

reallyreally cute flowers

Abi gettin' up in my face XD
my freckles are coming out a lot x-x'''

dinner time! cheesy chicken ramen ~ so good ~~

After many hours of gaming and listening to a storm, it was then Monday !
Memorial Day!
Anyway we went down to the river to chill ~

Abi being a cute speghettio ~

The sun was so bright x-x

Stolen from Abi's facebook XD

Look a wild Abi!

Walking to a different part of the river for "pseudo" hiking to get closer to the river so we could stick our feet in it XD

The [roughly] [possibly less] 80 degree angle that we climbed down XD

guess who got injured at the very beginning..
yes it was an Abi..

Tons of photos by the river and partially in the river ~

It was super mega fun and I hope to have more posts like this with my "twin" Abi
I LE LOVE LE YOU! [the extent of our awesome French]
bahaha okay, good night

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