Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter ~ ♥

Happy (very belated) Easter!
I've been sooo busy all this week, so I'm finally updating my blog!♥

Here are the gifts from the "outdoor Easter bunny" aka my mother XD ♥
Clearly there's a theme of Hello Kitty going on here XD

this egg had candy and stickers in it! ♥

Look at the stickers!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

Best. Face. Ever.

Here's the table, I helped pick out the new tableware, glasses and tablecloth :D

Yaay for spring flowers!

Before family had arrived and I had gotten dressed XD

outdoors :D

Finally dressed XD

Second. Best. Face. Ever.
I love how when I take pictures of my parents, you could easily put in things they may be saying.

mother: he's doing it again, isn't he.

mother: I told him not to, really I did.
father: -inconspicuous-

Parents mocking me..

..aren't they great..?♥

Meal on the tablee

Uncle Chuckles




Indoor Easter bunny arrived (aka father)
Abi and I will be having fun with this stuff during summer at the lake XD ♥

I put in my circle lenses and went back outside for a while longer while it was nice :D ♥

In the words of Xiaxue = camwhoring XD

This is how I did my nails (before they were cleaned up)
And that was Easter :D
I hope you all had a lovely weekend! ♥

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