Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last week, wow I'm lazy

Okay, so last Friday I had a sleepover with Abi and Rachel was over for a good amount of the time.
We took a TON of pictures and it was so hard to narrow it down!
So here's what I got it down to, sorry that there's so many!!♥

We love our timed camera-ness..
ahaha ♥


uhuhu ~ ♥

Good work Abi.. ♥

GREEN LIGHT !? because this was taken with my camera while Abi's camera was going too


Gangsters, yes.

lenses from the glasses that I popped out XD

mmm glasses, so delicious


Abi got us to try pickles.. her and I don't like pickles..

the cookies we made XD

Abi took a banana from my garbage to take a picture of it..?

Rachel burned herself while grabbing the cookies D:

Abi and I chillin' in a chair, cause we're cool like that

morning tea ♥

in the morning ~

ornery kitty
he was growling and snorting and hissing at us, he's been getting weird around people lately..

oh its an Abi O:

chilling on the floor, ohyesss...

nails ~

Abi and I being winners

still chilling on the floor XD

It was a great weekend XD ♥

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