Sunday, March 6, 2011


Name: Nora
Birthday: 08-19-1994
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Blue/Green/Gray
Hair Color: Brown/Red
Race: German, Irish, English


Drink?: No
Smoke?: No
Use Drugs?:Nope
Cuss?: ...sometimes..
Play Any Instruments?: No, but I sing and I want to learn at least a little piano >-<'''
Have Any Piercings?: Ears
Have Any Tattoos?: No
Like To Annoy People?: not at all D:
Like Life?: I kind of have to..don't I?
Wear Make-Up?: a friggin pound..
Dye Your Hair?: a ton, I'm frieddd..
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: not that
Like Pina Coladas?: I don't think so..
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: depends on the rain and where I'm going..


Dependable?: yes
Trustworthy?: Yes
Hyper Active?: not usually..
Happy?: Sometimes, more lately than before so that's good
Content?: Yes, I'd say so
Boring?: Probably =.= I'm such a bad conversationalist and I don't get out much..
Violent?: ..depends on who I'm around..
Evil?: I hope not D:
Hippie-Ish?: not really..
Shy?: when I was younger, much less now though
Paranoid?: when its dark and scary..
Annoying?: I hope not..
Social?: Sometimes, also increasing though
Religious?: Not at all


TV Show?: Good question.. I dunno..
Movie?: I'm still not sure.. I like everything really..
Band/Singer(s)?: Utada, Kyuhyun, Super Junior, -insert tons of other asians here-
Song?: Kremlin Dusk by Utada or Blue Tomorrow by Super Junior M.. wow I'm so depressing..
Book/Story?: hng, I guess Matched was good, but the sequel doesn't come out t
Color(s)?: Teal, black, etcetc
Shape?: heart ♥
Animal?: kittens and lion-head bunnies :D
Person(s)?: Kyuhyun, Abi, Nik, I guess other people too o-o
Smell?: certain perfumes, and whatever Nik wears..stuff smells so good.. ^-^'''''''
Flower?: Orchids
Subject?: music ~
Board: Like a board game.. ? Othello or Reversi ! (same thing just different names)
Musical: any musical that's good..
Sport?: If I had to pick.. hockey, dance, ice-skating and gymnastics for watching, volleyball, tennis, hockey and dance for playing, but I'm really not that athletic..
Word?: saranghae ♥
Quote?: I dunno o-o''''
Hobby?: drawing, dancing, singing, vlogging/blogging
Store?: F21, MAC, Wet Seal, and internet ma
Season? : early summer
Time Of Day?:afternoon I guess


Worst Fear?: being a failure
Life Goal?: be successful
Greatest Accomplishment?: I dunno yet..


Pepsi Or Coke?: pepsi
McDonald's Or Burger King?: I guess burger king if I had to choose..
Converse Or Vans?: converse ~
Dogs Or Cats?: fluffy kitten ~ :D
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: YIM
Chicken Or Fish?: chicken, hate fish.
Black Or White?: black
MTV Or FUSE?: I don't have cable..
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: iPod ~ o-o


Day: maybe a hot day at a secluded beach with him and a bunch of yummy food ~ ^-^
Room: ...-insert amazing fantastic gyaru room with hello kitty and lots of space-
Life: pff being a superstar in Korea/Japan with my own fashion line..
World: .."WORLD PEACE"..
Romantic Date: hnn I guess a movie and cuddling and maybe going out for dinner to a cute-sy place and more cuddling ~ ♥


God?: I'm agnostic..
Heaven & Hell?: nah..
Angels & Demons?: nah..
Reincarnation?: Maybe
Yourself?: Hang on let me go look into the mirror for a quick sec to make sure I'm still here. *runs off to go look in mirror then comes back* Yup we're good. -stolen answer from Rose-
Ghosts?: I dunno..
UFOs?: not necessarily
Big Foot?: no
Lochness Monster?: no
A Thing Called Love?: of course ~


Kill Someone Else? probably not..
Kill Yourself?: I guess I've thought about it but I'm too much of a wuss for anything like that..
Beg For Money?: not beg really

Skydive?: No... afraid of heights...
Bungee Jump?: No... for the same reason as above...
Make out in the rain?: most likely.. but that'd be wet.....wait..
Run Away From Home?: nah
Ride A Motorcycle?: my dad tried to get me to when I was young but I would have nothing to do with it..
Do Extreme Sports?: no


Do You Own A Car?: No
Ever Been To Jail?: No
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: I don't think so XD
Do You Have A Job?: yes!
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: sometimes