Saturday, March 12, 2011

End of the Trimester and a Sleepover!

Thursday was the end of the trimester, so of course I had to take pictures with some people ~ ♥

here's Jasmine and Cassi from English ♥

Will who made me take a picture with him..

All of Rachel, Abi and I's pictures from lunch ♥

Jenna put a tattoo on her face :D

When I got home
yaay pringles

Then I had voice lessons with Abi and we met up with Stephen to walk around town for a bit
We went to Antiques on Main

We saw a nifty bow-tie

Stephen didn't want me to take a picture with him so he was like "TAKE A PICTURE WITH THE PENNY COLLECTION, THEY'RE NICE."
so I did..

Abi and I ♥

Pretty rose ~ ♥

Stephen trying to hide..

The book that Stephen and Abi saw..

Stephen and I

Abi, Stephen's sister and I :D ♥
She's so cute and little!

Abi and I made NACHOS
and watched Spirited Away
twas pretty fun ♥

Then we set out our sleeping area, and Abi looks like the grudge.. XDDD

In the morning we went running with Stephen, yaay for getting active!

After our run :D

creepin' on Abi XD

And us together again :D ♥

It was very fun! After Abi left, Nik and Jessica came over and it was lots of fun ♥

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