Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 11-15

Day 11 - Favorite Mecha Series

Full Metal Panic all the way.
Love that show!

Day 12 - An ecchi picture from your favorite series

Well this is embarrassing..
Since there aren't a lot of ecchi pictures of Darker than Black, we'll go to option numero 2 ! The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!
I'm cosplaying Haruhi this Spring!
But the bunny outfit ~ mwahaha ~ -creep- still need to make my headband =.=''''

Day 13 - Cosplay of you're "waifu" or "husbando"

Not really a cosssplaaaay heree....
-breaking rules- Cho Kyuhyun.
End of discussion.

Day 14- Current or most recent anime BG

My background has been Kyuhyun for quite some time,
so much time in fact,
that I don't really remember what it last was
So this is what I THINK it was..
It's from Disgea, I think
I got it from Dragonrain
They have pretty awesome graphics
Just sayin'

Day 15 - picture of a cute neko-girl

You know you can't resist that.
Look at her.
Friggin' adorable.

Alright that's enough for tonight
I hope you didn't mind that I just stuffed 15 days worth of stuff into 3 posts that took roughly an hour..
More tomorrow probably ~ :D

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