Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 3 : Trick-or-Treating !

On the actual Halloween, I went to my friend Casey's house for a Trick-or-Treating party !
This time instead..
I decided to be something else scary..
a ganguro..

this was my example picture..

I was super sleepy in the morning..
But I was prepared for the transformation ! XD

drumroll please...

operation : ORANGE complete

i tried to wear colorful but warm things XD

picture in the car XD
the white lipstick was really hard to find..
I actually ended up using a cream white eyeshadow which worked out nicely

All of us were crowded in Casey's room !

we ate dinner at her house

in the mirror :D

again in the mirrow

in a different mirror with a zombie stalker XD

I was a smart person, by covering up my flash part way..

i thought it was a really cute little thing that someone had by their door !

its the scottish-asian starburst guy..

we got glow-sticks !

kirstie and i

elaina, kelsey and amber

glow stick heart !

glow stick flower headband.. ?

there was a smoke machine at a neighbors house that made the WHOLE neighborhood foggy !
It was eerie..

We had a dessert of hot apple cider and apple crisp with raspberries on the side XD

Casey was a frustrated Casey for a little whilee ♥

sitting at the tablee

One of the girls also made a video this night too !
Though it was on facebook..
So I'll try to figure out how to get it on here maybe DX

It was a very fun night ! ♥

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