Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2 : Tomodachi Costume Contest

Last Saturday, I went to the Tomodachi Costume Contest at Rosedale mall with friends ♥

I also made my first vlog of the whole night ! Please watch !

the fake skin/ zipper didnt last very long there >A< ;;;

Casey and Amber ♥

theses two guys were from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
(great movie)
One of them won 3rd place too !

Rachel and I ♥

This girl was the 1st place winner,
Her dress is so awesome !

Abi, Rachel and I ♥

Kristy and I ♥
Kristy and I had actually met 2 years ago and the Anime Detour convention
we were both from the same anime, so we took a lot of pictures though we never actually got eachother's names ^^;;;
It turns out though that Stephen knew her and we made her come out to the mall and we hung out all day ! ♥

here was dinner
soba noodles and teriyaki chicken ♥♥♥

My mother made these adorable cupcakes for one of her classes, but no one ate them there..
So she brought them in and we demolished them XD

Stephen was attacked by a cupcake..

Here were drawings that Kristy did of Stephen and I !

There was a train..
We wanted to ride it so bad..

Casey and Stephen played a new game, it was a DJ game XD
It looked so hard..

After that we all went home, but Rachel and Abi came home with me and we watched TV and colored XD

Rachel and I ♥

Abi and her fantastic pretty camera ♥

my chubby cat puff ♥

I got a new cellphone charm at Tomodachi ! ♥♥

I also got a new chococat bag ♥
its so cute ♥

These were free things from Tomodachi !
They gave me strawberry pocky and strawberry gum ! ♥

I was laying on Rachel and Abi was laying on me as we watched Dane Cook and Demitri Martin XD
So fun ♥♥

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