Thursday, November 11, 2010

Field trip !

Today we went to a couple religious places and a nice restaurant for Advanced Placement European History class !

we had to dress nicely for the synagogue

Before the field trip though, we had a Veteran's Day Assembly
I sat with Savatri and Samantha !

We listened to a general speak and it was very nice

Will Rachel Jenna and I were waiting for the teacher to show up because he was late, as usual..

Still waiting..

Then we got to the synagogue !

we saw their many Torahs

and their nice ceiling..

and we saw the chapel which was nice too, very fancy

Then we went to the Presbyterian church

it was fancier than we had expected..

their ceiling was super cool too

they had an Anglican style chapel which was neat too

Then I took a picture of a wall..a shiny wall..

The outside of the church

Then we went to lunch !

I had a pizza that was really good

they supercooked it in a wood oven thing, it was reallyreally fast !

I stole one of their menu's.. but it was okay i swear !

i sat there for a while XD
Then Samantha and I j-RAN across the street, and there were cops there.. but they didnt do anything XD
So we went into a sausage/cheese/bakery place (quite the combination..?)

the bakery had so much good looking stuff..

i got a german chocolate cake !

samantha got a Napoleon ( ? )

we saw a pretty mosaic there !
Then we went back to school I was soo sleepy !

But it was a good day !! :D

I also made a new vlog ^^ here it is :

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