Thursday, April 12, 2012


This past Sunday was Easter. We had a small get together at my house, with my parents and grandmother. 
While I was watering a plant that was on the table, some droplets fell on the water-resistant table cloth and I thought it looked very neat!

Father's girlfriend, Megan gave me an Easter basket to give to him that morning. I set it out by his bed so he'd see it when he woke up but he didn't even notice! So I brought it down to him, and he was delighted!

I decided to wear a wig for the day, who needs to do their hair? ;D

Shirt, Shorts: PAC Sun, Tank-top, Tights, and Watch: Target, Head-wrap: Claire's, Necklace:

My mother and Shadow~

Grandmother brought me a lovely chocolate bunny! 

Here's strawberry shortcake that my mother made, it was so delicious! 

I hope everyone had a great "Pastel Color Day" [exoticjess, youtube] Have a lovely week!

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