Monday, April 9, 2012

The Anoka Coffee Shop

A few weeks ago (yes, finally updating, it's ridiculous how awful I've been with this) I had lost my wallet and had to go in and get a new driver's permit. While my father was waiting, he walked over to a place called "The Anoka Coffee Shop" which was in the same strip mall as the DMV. It turns out they have a full breakfast and lunch menu and is owned by a nice man named Ken. 

After getting everything situated at the DMV, we went over and had lunch at this little cafe (which only sat 32 people it was so tiny!). I ordered the PIZZA burger, how unique!

seasoned fries also came with it!

It was served "Juicy Lucy" style, where the cheese is cooked in the middle of the meat and it super melty and delicious! 

Another unique part about this restaurant was that the room was FILLED with cookie jars

Look at them all!!!! It's really amazing, most of them had been donated by various customers. There are at least 300 cookie jars there. 

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