Monday, January 2, 2012

34 Q's

1) are you single? no~  
2) my crush? Does le boyfriend count?
3) best thing that happened all year? That's too hard of a question
4) lost someone close to you? Unfortunately.
5) who is your best friend ?Abigail Rose Pierce ~ :D
6) what girls do you trust with everything ?Abi!

7) what boys do you trust? Nik o-o ♥
8) who do you miss? I don't know, I haven't thought about it

9) who would you do anything for a 2nd chance with ? what?
10) who could you argue all day with? ha. ha... Let's not talk about this
11) who do you hate?Hate is a fairly strong word..
12) what do you hate? a lot of things, honestly..
13) who do you love? My people.  ♥  and Tsubasa Masuwaka.. ♥
14) what do you love? Uhhhm.. wellll...

- your last ______ was from :

15) gift ? Nik's parents
16) text? Nik
17) call? Mother
18) missed call? Some person for Nate.. Oh I don't think I've talked about this, when I got my new phone in August, I got a new phone number. This phone number happens to be the old phone number of NFL play Nate Burleson of the Detroit Lions. Oddly enough he has the same birthday as I do, too. Twilight Zone, seriously.
19) pep talk? Good question.. probably Brittany Noel
20) i.m. Britt
21) hug? I guess Father?

- your favorite :

22) color ?Teal and Turquoise

23) movie? I don't really have a favorite
24) food? Noodles
25) website? Blogger, tumblr
26) song? K-pop and J-pop
27) shoes?Too many..
28) outfit? Also too many
29) holiday? I don't really know

- now that 2012 has started . . .

30) one thing you are going to change about yourself is? try to be healthier I guess
31) your going to forget about? I don't know
32) you're going to try to be? I don't know
33) stronger or weaker? Who wants to be weaker?
34) your new years resolution will be? Eat healthier I suppose

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