Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wish List..

I've decided to compile a psuedo Christmas list that is really expensive which makes me feel so American but yeah x-x

Here is a Toshiba Satellite Laptop for $300 from Best Buy, though I'm not completely set on this one, but I do really want a new laptop since my laptop is broken and I've been using my mother's laptop for a while now.
I've also been wanting these Barbie Eye Princess Lace in black. I've been wanting a black pair for a while and these are a whopping 17.5MM! and they have a 48% water content so they should be a relatively comfortable to wear. Plus the packaging is probably the cutest thing EVER.

I've been really wanting a maid outfit, especially for the coming up Anime Detour, I think this one from Cosplayfu is super cute >~<

A medium-sized barrel ceramic curling iron, nothing fancy~ I just happened to break my old one last Sunday =.='''''

 I also have really been wanting these four books for a long while now, I've read the top two and I have yet to read the bottom three, though I've been really anticipating them! The Fault in Our Stars isn't even out yet though.. Sigh it's really good from what I've heard (following vlogbrothers aka Hank and John Green, the author)
The new Super Junior album is so exciting x-x

I would love a set of bubbi brushes, or frankly just a new set of makeup brushes that don't shed like mine do >~<
I really love bubzbeauty's clothing line, I've been really wanting some of her tops  *A*

I also really want some new hair bows, you know the bigger the better ^-^'' I haven't really seen any lately that are nice looking so yeah...

Well I suppose that's about it, I feel weird when I'm writing a wish list...I feel so self centered >A<

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