Sunday, October 2, 2011

Manba/Ganguro Make Up and Nail Polish ?

Hello ~ 
Today, I was too lazy to do my hair, so I put a hat on like an awesome person
Turned out alright though, right ~ ? right ~ ?

 I bought the new(er) OPI Shatter in black
It's really neat looking in my opinion >O< 

Also today, 
I was bored and decided I wanted to just mess around with make up ~

 Started off just mascara and concealer
 Turned into orange-ness, which

Turned into manba-ness
 I personally do not like this style, but it is actually very tedious to get the black and white on without mixing >~< 
I'd probably go out to a mall and walk around like this just to see how many people would stare..
It'd be so funny ~ ! 
Maybe that's what actual manba, banba and ganguro think? Is that their motivation ~ ? 

Half off, such an intense difference!
It even took two full make-up remover sheets to get it all off, my goodness!

Well that was [hopefully] and entertaining post XD 
See you for now ~

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