Thursday, October 13, 2011

BCBG Dresses from Bluefly

After constantly shopping online, I've discovered some websites that look really amazing!
The website that I'd like to talk about is Bluefly, more specifically, the BCBG dresses!

They're so fancy! I couldn't even think of a place to wear them, but I would most definitely love to own some of them. Maybe I could buy one of the dresses when Prom night approaches!
I really like how they have a large range of sizes! Although I'm small, a lot of the times they are out of stock for my size or they don't go up to a size 12. I love to see people of all sizes looking chic!
 They have a variety of colors, but many can be worn as evening or even business wear! Some dresses may even come off as casual wear, which would look super gyaru and chic! So you'd definitely get your money's worth!
A lot of their dresses create lovely hourglass figures, which a lot of people can pull off, with the right accessories of course!
Although they are a bit spendy, their dresses are super high quality and will last a long time! Shipping doesn't look too bad either, especially with their $30 off $150, plus free shipping! It looks very easy to spend that much so it's a great deal!

So you should definitely check out this website, it seems super lovely!

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