Monday, August 15, 2011

PinkyParadise haul♥

A couple weeks ago I decided to look at PinkyParadise's summer offer
Which is 2 lenses (with cases), travel case, 2 face masks, DollyWink nail polish, and I had a promo code (CHOUZURU from Moments Like Diamonds) so I got 2 mystery gifts! ♥

 I ended up getting Neo Vision Extra Dali Grey
And EOS Candy Pink

 The travel case is mega cute and super convenient! ♥
I've actually started taking my lenses out with the tweezers (you can call them that, right?) without really using the travel case~ it makes it a lot easier! ♥

 Mystery gift 1: Collagen eye bag remover~ I haven't tried it yet but it seems interesting (hopefully promising too?)

 Mystery gift 2: These are things that keep your hair back while you're doing things, they're really funny looking but work really well!

 The masks~ Cooling mask and Sake Yeast mask 
Ive used the Sake Yeast one, it dripped all over >o<
I'm interested to see what the Cooling mask does~ XD
Dollywink~ The bottle is so small for being so expensive! ($11)
The polish went on really well and opaque, but chipped after a day which is normal for my nails but still!
I love you Tsubasa! But you're products are so expensive! Is it worth it?

Over all I am pleased with my purchase! ♥
I'll review the lenses by themselves in a later post ~ !

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