Monday, August 15, 2011

Combination Post

Okay this is going to be two different days that didn't have that very much so I'm combining them

 Last week I had a job interview at Old Country Buffet and was hired on the spot along with Abi ^-^

So I won't be working at the Holiday Inn anymore as of yesterday, it's a sad thing since I really enjoyed it there. Every one was really sad to see me go so they brought in flowers and cupcakes and cards for me, they're much too nice there >-< ♥♥♥

Anyway the day of Abi and I's interviews we decided to hang out afterwards ~
We went to the park ^-^v

 PART 2♥
Also last week (the day after the interview) my father decided to have a family dinner with my grandmother, uncle, mother and I ^-^

 There were pretty flowers on the table from his work ^-^

I was sitting very..interestingly on the swing while my dad and uncle played frisbee XDD
 my le father O: 
anyway it was a lovely meal and it was too bad I didn't take very many pictures that day >-<''''

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