Monday, August 1, 2011

First Recommendations

bwah ~ I read this book a year or two ago and I completely fell in LOVE with the author, Natsuo Kirino. The book Grotesque, is about a woman experiencing the death of her sister and high school "friend", the book goes through multiple points of views and accounts of what has happened and the psychological issues that each character has. The story has an eerie look into the minds of four particular people and shows how twisted the human mind can be. Its a definite must read! Unfortunately my local library has gotten rid of it since it was never really checked out. I've been looking for this book ever since I read it. I think I'll be picking this book up and others that I'll talk
about in this post from soon 

Out is another book by Natsuo Kirino that shows the twisted thoughts and actions of desperate women. It's about a woman who's abused by her husband and an unfortunate turn of events comes about when she murders him. She then calls upon her co-workers to help dispose of the body. Then more things come up where the dark side of life turns its head on the group of women. I think I actually enjoyed this book more than Grotesque because of how gory it becomes (I can be such a creep like that) I definitely recommend this book for all of those who enjoy a great thriller with intense psychological insight.

I have yet to read this one but I'm very excited to do so! I'll give a review as soon as I finish it!

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