Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grand Avenue with an Abigail ;D

A couple days ago, Abi, my mother and I went to Grand Avenue in St Paul!
We were still both sunburned, but we wanted to go anyway !

First stop was lunch! We went to an Asian buffet (I believe it was Shanghai buffet?)

All of our plates ~

I was so red and nasty xOx''''

funky piano ~ XDDDD

At a designer shop, so fluffin expensive!! And not even that attractive..

Played the ugly shoe game that Xiaxue likes to play
I think we found the best ones. XDDDDDDD

Checking out the EXPLOSION of shoes at My Sister's Closet

We got root beer floats :D ♥
Mine actually wasn't that great though..

At an Irish store, such a dusty mirror!

More pictures of the ice cream place, my mother had raspberry lemonade sorbet, it was so good!!

At an Asian antique store, it just seemed to get bigger and bigger the more you walked through it x-x

A ceremonial wedding bed XDD

oh yeah, sexeh Abi! XDDDD

We bought fans ~ :D

Truffley truffles.. so yummy..

Twas a great day ♥

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