Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Pictures and things..

I've taken some random pictures throughout the week so I decided to post them all now XD

This was actually from last week, it was the first week I had actually braided my hair like that for school, I thought it was nice :D

I dyed my hair [again]

This was the actual color I was going for.. ^-^''''

Morning pictures from Fridayyyy

Stalker pictures in Sociology
We got to play children's games, read children books and magazines
We're just that awesome..

Taylor, Amanda and I decided to play Hello Kitty Uno! ♥♥♥

Taylor shuffling half the deck, I shuffled the other XD

Dealing the cards :D
I one the first game super quickly, ahaha ♥

A Jazz ensemble came in and played for us during choir :D

I made a video of some of the things they played:

Annnd I finally edited my choir videos from like a month ago.. XD

There we are ! ♥

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