Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dates, Fire drills and Storms

On Saturday, Nik's twin brother Brady had to go shopping for prom, and it was made into a family event. Nik didn't want to be by himself so I tagged along XD ♥

Since of course we didn't want to really stick around the Mens Warehouse
We went to Great Clips so Nik could go get his haircut
It turns out a girl I had only met once, named Nicole was there
[I went to the same Halloween party as her]

This person in fact !

Nik got his haircut, then we went to Boarders, claires, DQ, and PetsMart

I took a picture of this strange froggy, he was so entertaining XD ♥

Lookin a bit odd because my hair was being weird but at least Nik looked good [as always ;D] ♥

Picture at claires ~
Right before I took the picture, someone came out from behind the mirror [its on a door I'm not crazy!] so I had to act like I totally wasn't doing anything.. go me..
Anyway it was super fun♥
Later on that night we watched part of the Da Vinci Code and went out to spend time with Brady and his girlfriend with some of their friends at a bonfire

Now for today!

I sat on Rachel and took pictures with her :D ♥
I really like the color of her eyes in the second one x-x

Then 3rd hour there was a fire drill..

So I made Kalli take a picture with me

[aw us]

[daburu-yuu des~ oh yes following in the path of Tsuji and Kago, actually I hope not, dating a significantly older man and smoking? shotgun marriage? uhhhmm...still love them anyway :D]
[we're so white..]

Then cam-whore'd with Abi XD

returned chu XDDD ♥

Then this evening there was a storm [attempting] to brew!
I took pictures of the clouds~
Though the worst that happened in Anoka was multiple loud sirens going off.. XD

I thought they looked cool ~ :D

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