Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Past Week ~ ♥

BWA ! I'm such a terrible person, not updating for twelve days TT-TT

I've been super busy with a ton of misc. stuff
So I'll just show you some of the pictures from the past couple weeks (I think I'll be working backwards though, SORRY!)

A couple days ago, I saw Xiaxue's new vlog, and decided I wanted to try the tutorial she was doing.
She was copying the lips of a girl named Angelababy's lips

This is AngelaBaby

This is Xiaxue

This was mine O:
you just have to curve the upper lips downward (using concealer) and raise the cupid's bow ~
here's the tutorial on it by Xiaxue click me

I decided to decorate the back of my phone using nail polish ~

I got the idea from Abi's sunglasses, because she had decorated them like that ~

Next! (And Last for this post)
Two weeks ago I had an employee pool party at my work~
I decided to bring Abi and Stephen, Nik was supposed to go too but something came up =.=''
I was being very fancy with my hair and had a ton of braided things going on ~

Yeah I'm too easily entertained..
Its kind of hard though because of all my layers!

Here's all of us in the car on the way there
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures there, it was fun though~

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